author := struct {
  Name string
  Age int
  Location string
  Interests []string
  Languages []string
  Drinks []string
} {
  "Chris Wagner",
  "lol Pittsburgh somehow",
  []string{"cats", "computers", "video games made before like 2009?"},
  []string{"c#", "c++", "javascript", "go", "java"},
  []string{"tea", "beer", "but honestly I'm not good at beer so I'm fine with PBR"},

My name is Chris Wagner. I like to write the codes but I’m also really lazy and my computer desk doesn’t really have a working chair at the moment so mostly I just sit in a recliner and drink tea. I’ll probably get back into coding someday. This blog is hosted on github pages because maintaining a halfway secure serving stack is actually lots of work?

My employer does not review this blog; nothing I write should be interpreted as being endorsed by or otherwise representative of my employer.